Why choose us over other truck buyers in the UK?

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Here in the UK, there's a strong demand for all kinds of trucks, and our family-run business has grown thanks to the connections we've made across a multitude of industries, including logistics, construction, agriculture and transportation. We have a passion for lorries, tractor units and trailers – it's all we talk about! However, it's our

Do I need to bring the lorry to you?

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There is no need to bring the lorry to us unless you are in the area and wish to do so. Otherwise, we provide a collection service around the UK at a date and time that fits around your schedule, saving you both time and hassle. We also offer same-day payment so you can have

What happens after I’ve received my quote?

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If you are happy with the quotation we provided, we'll get the ball rolling and ensure all the necessary paperwork is in order and payment is made to you the same day. Our truck exporters will then contact you to schedule a convenient collection date and time. We understand that you want your truck sold

How does mileage affect truck valuations?

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Mileage is an important factor when it comes to the value of your truck. Generally speaking, the fewer miles a lorry has on the clock, the higher its price will be. This is because a vehicle's mileage is closely linked with its overall condition and performance; the more miles it has been driven, the more

Can you provide valuations for my entire fleet of lorries?

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Absolutely. We understand that selling a large number of vehicles is time-consuming and stressful, so our team will work with you to make the process as straightforward as possible. Our free quotation service allows us to quickly price each truck accurately and securely without requiring additional paperwork or information. We also offer same-day payment and

How much is my lorry worth as scrap?

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It depends on a number of factors; the age, condition, and recycling value of your lorry will all play a part in determining its final value. If you are looking to sell your lorry for scrap, be sure to provide us with as much detail as possible when submitting your vehicle information. The more information

How can I improve my truck’s value?

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Maintaining your truck through regular upkeep will help improve its value and keep it in top condition for when you eventually sell it. Some basic things you can do to maintain your truck include changing the oil and filter, checking the tyres and brakes, and topping up fluids. You should also keep records of work

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