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Are you on the look out for a new or reliable used truck, semi-trailer, or tractor unit? Discover our newest arrivals using the handy search feature below. Should you be interested, please fill out the enquiry form on your designated truck page. Our dedicated sales representatives will be in touch as soon as possible with further information.

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Truck Trading is proud to now offer an online marketplace dedicated to the trading of new and pre-owned rigid trucks, semi-trailers, and tractor units. We provide an extensive selection of used rigid trucks, from Beavertails, Flatbeds, and Mobile Cranes to used semi-trailers, including Low Loaders, Bulk Powder Tankers, and Refrigerated trailers. With our user-friendly search feature, we make your search for a new or used truck a breeze.

Our listings showcase some of the most renowned brands in the trucking industry, along the likes of Mercedes, Schmitz, and MAN, to name a few. Explore our listings today to find the perfect second-hand truck for your business.

Buying a used truck in the UK: What should you look out for?

When it comes to buying a used truck or semi-trailer, there are some key details to consider, such as the condition of the vehicle. While factors like age and mileage are no doubt essential, the paramount concern should be its current condition. Has the truck had regular maintenance and upkeep? Has it been serviced annually? These are vital questions to keep in mind because a vehicle in poor condition may lead to substantial repair expenses, ultimately resulting in higher long-term costs.

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Additionally, we recommend conducting physical inspections. Take a close look at the truck’s exterior for any visible damage on the surface, including the windscreen, mirrors, tyres and tread depth. Verify water and oil levels and ensure you inspect the dashboard and seats for any signs of damage. Start the ignition and run the engine, paying attention to any unusual sounds. By taking the time to conduct these thorough checks, you’ll reap the rewards of an excellent investment.

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Quick Fire Questions, Answered.

Truck Trading brings you over 20 years of experience buying and selling used trucks, trailers and tractor units. We understand the challenges of buying a used trailer, and our team is committed to helping you find the right vehicle at the best price. Whether you are looking for a curtainsider trailer to transport electrical goods or bulk trailers that accommodate larger, heavier loads, we can help match you with the perfect used trailer for your needs. We make the process of buying a used trailer stress-free and affordable. We offer fair prices on quality trailers that have been carefully inspected to ensure they meet all safety requirements. We are committed to providing excellent customer service, from initial enquiry to the delivery of your new vehicle.

Whether you’re in search of a used Rigid Truck Tanker designed for the safe transportation of gases and liquids, a Refrigerated Semi-Trailer tailored for the conveyance of chilled goods, or perhaps a used 6×2 Tractor Unit suited for a diverse range of hauling needs, we are confident you will find the ideal new or used truck that caters to your exact requirements. Our extensive selection offers only the very best truck manufacturers, including esteemed names like Mercedes, MAN, Schmitz, Crossland, Feldbinder, Nooteboom, and many more.

Absolutely! Just let us know what stock you’re interested in, and we’ll be happy to assist! Whether you’re looking for a fleet of bulk trailers, flatbeds for shipping purposes, or refrigerated trailers for transporting perishable goods, we can work with you to find the right vehicles at the best prices. Get in touch today, and one of our representatives will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Buying a second-hand truck from Truck Trading couldn’t be easier. Whether you have a specific make of truck in mind or you want to explore our latest arrivals, our user-friendly search tool enables you to effortlessly filter your search or peruse all available listings at once. Upon finding a truck that takes your interest, click on the listing to access the details, specifications, and a gallery of images. Each listing includes a price as well as a quick and convenient contact form. Should you express your interest through this form, one of our dedicated sales representatives will reach out to you within 24 hours with additional information. If you’re happy to move forward, we’ll work with you to schedule a delivery date and time that is best suited to you.

Quality Assured: Our Thorough Inspection Process

Before any used trucks, semi-trailers, or tractor units make their way to our website, Truck Trading subjects them to a series of in-depth inspections and evaluations for added peace of mind. Our mission is to make your truck-buying experience a smooth, swift and hassle-free process, so if you have an enquiry or would like to speak with a member of our team, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 0161 432 1477 or send us an email at