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Unbeatable for loading, transporting and off-loading all manner of materials. Tipper trucks are incredibly versatile and dependable, yet they are available in a wide variety of sizes. Whether your existing tipper is used on construction sites for buildings, bridges, roads, agriculture, landscaping or any other application, we’re interested in buying your used vehicle today!

The demand for tipper trucks remains very high, and we’re on hand to purchase all types of rigid tippers — no matter the age, condition or the number of miles on the clock! As is the case with most used rigid trucks, owners handpick their ideal specification of tipper so that it performs a key role in their day-to-day operations. Whether you are looking to sell your DAF tipper with a 250kg swing lift, a Volvo 8×4 tarmac tipper or a Scania with an air operated tail, we buy all types, and we can provide a quotation within 24 hours.

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The big selling point with tipper lorries is the way that they function. They are, of course, loved for their tilting motion and hydraulic lift. This means that a tipper can have excellent control lifting and lowering with absolute precision, speeding up laborious processes. They also deliver exceptional agility and maneuverability, easily unloading without compromising on their weight capacity.

Another feature that makes the tipper truck immensely popular is that it can work with a wide range of materials. Other types of machines working in a similar manner do not have this advantage. The tipper truck has a wide dump bed capable of carrying all kinds of materials at a go, such as stone, sand, topsoil, scrap metal and general rubbish. They are available in any quantity and density. Some of these include sand, gravel, wastes, soil, and clay. Transportations are usually very safe with little wastages of the materials. When it gets to the destination, the delivery can be very fast.

Regularly used by groundworks and muckaway companies, tippers are available in a wide variety of axle configurations, including 4×2, 6×4, 8×4 types. There are, however, two main materials used, steel and aluminium. For decades steel was the metal of choice throughout the industry for truck bodies, offering exceptional strength, yet there has been a rise in the number of aluminium tippers, which offer excellent corrosion resistance. Normal steel bodies are generally for aggregate, stone, sand, animal feeds, grain whereas insulated aluminium bodies are designed for lighter products, to maximise payloads.

Self-loading tippers are becoming more popular too, allowing operators to load and offload without the need of an excavator on the site. These models feature a self-propelled crane on the back of the tipper so that they can self-load and unload easily. Like most modern trucks, many tippers are designed for specific jobs. Insulated tarmac bodies are often included on tippers to transport tarmac for road maintenance, ensuring the tarmac does not lose heat.

Whether you’re looking to sell or replace your tipper grab lorry, grab wagon, muckaway truck or self-loading tipper, we can give you a rapid quote for your vehicle, followed by same-day payment and a collection at a time that’s right for you.

Despite the amount of load at hand, a tipper gives the owner and customer an assurance of peace of mind because they are incredibly reliable. You can, as a result, win more work, thus expanding your business operations. As seen above, a tipper truck is a venture with the potential to take your business to higher scales. Whether you’re selling your model to upgrade and improve performance further or wish to free up some space and expand your fleet further down the line, we’re ready to step in and offer you an excellent price for your tipper truck today!

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