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A curtainsider trailer features canvas curtains on rails down the side that can be drawn back, enabling easy loading and unloading by a forklift from either side. As one of the most widely used semi-trailers in the UK, it offers ample storage space for all types of goods. Behind the curtains is an immensely strong flat deck truck, whilst the roof retains its strength thanks to the side rails and rigid headboard. Many curtainsiders also have a chiller unit, making it easy for fresh produce companies to dispatch their goods quickly and efficiently without worrying about deterioration. These tend to have thicker curtains to retain the cold air.

Curtain trailers are very similar to box trailers, except for the fact that the sides are movable curtains that allow for easy access. There are, however, many different types of curtainsiders, including the single deck, double deck, draw-bar and longer semi-trailers. With flexibility, extensive load securing options and plenty of storage space, curtainsider semi-trailers are veritable all-rounders — and Truck Trading buy all types! Whether your curtainsider semi-trailer has been making journeys for more than 20 years or is relatively new with speed curtains, we would be happy to offer you a rapid quote, followed by faster payment and a collection scheduled around your needs.

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Modern curtainsiders are made with the latest materials and technology. While some have dropsides combined with long or short sliding curtains, others have power curtains (built without support laths for fast and secure loading and unloading) or speed curtains. With so many different options for freight, one thing is clear; forklift operators can load and unload these trailers rapidly, ensuring smooth, swift and hassle-free processes. By using these lorries, logistics companies can drastically increase efficiency and retain competitive costs.

Depending on the model, curtainsiders can be rather simplistic compared to other trailers, and that means they’re effortless to maintain, as are the curtain rollers. They do not even need lubrication to function correctly inside of the tracks, yet they can be changed as and when you need. Many modern curtainsiders feature a lath-free body, which helps to reduce running costs, and you’re guaranteed structural rigidity. If you’re looking to sell your used curtainsider, you’ll know of the many advantages that come from new models. If you’re looking to upgrade or merely want to cash in whilst your vehicle’s value is high, why not request a free quotation from our team today? We can often provide precise quotes within just a few hours!

We’ve touched on just how quickly these can be loaded and unloaded, but it’s not just because of the body and vast space. Once the curtains are pulled back, the trailer can be accessed from both sides as well as the rear door. With three key access points, multiple forklifts can load and unload simultaneously, and it means that your talented drivers are back on the road in no time!

Step frame curtain trailers, which are optimised for taller loads, allow you to fit considerably more products. There are also Euroliner trailers with sliding roofs, which are lighter and allow for improved payload and reduced fuel consumption. The main advantage, however, is that goods can be removed via a crane at the top. These are very common throughout Europe because bridges are between 4 and 4.10 metres, so these trailers allow you to carry taller loads, by adjusting or sliding back the roof. Tilt trailers continue to grow in popularity, featuring aluminium sideboards that enable drivers to convert the trailer from a normal curtainsider to a flatbed trailer by stripping it down without the curtain sheets. It’s then left with the aluminium sideboards for sheer simplicity and ease of access.

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