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Many individuals and businesses choose to sell their lorries as a chassis and cab, usually a frame with rails and no pre-built body. Providing new owners with a ‘fresh canvas’ to customise the truck to a specific application, rigid chassis cab trucks remain very popular.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your recovery fleet and wish to cash in on some old stock, or simply need to sell your chassis and cab as you look for new lorry, we can provide a quick quote, followed by faster payment! Having developed longstanding relationships with construction companies who depend on ‘half trucks’ for a diverse mix of applications, we know just how highly regarded they are across the globe. No matter the age, make or mileage, we can combine a very fair price with a smooth payment and collection process.

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One of the main benefits of buying a chassis cab truck is the price. Prospective buyers will save money rather than purchasing a lorry that’s already kitted out to their requirements — so the demand is high. This means that when you’re selling your chassis cab lorry, you give another individual or company the freedom to customise it to match their workflow and applications. Also known as a ‘half truck’, these rigids are constructed to be medium-duty vehicles. They are commercial in nature and used by millions of companies worldwide, from building firms to scrap yards, tip hire companies, delivery companies and supermarkets.

Not to be confused with a pickup truck, a chassis cab just has the frame rails in the back behind the cab; however, it’s designed for durability, enabling operators to transport heavy materials with ease. The front can look similar to a pickup, depending on the model, but the rear has a reinforced platform instead of a boxed pickup bed. The primary reason that you would use this truck over a standard pickup is that you can configure what is in the back to be much larger, taller, or more diverse for your particular needs, helping you to drive efficiency.

If you would like to sell one of these, the first port of call might be auctions, trade magazines or automotive websites, however, finding the right individual to buy your vehicle at the best price can take time, which in turn costs money. At Truck Trading, we provide fast and accurate quotes for vehicles in just a matter of hours, with same-day payment available. We will then organise a collection at a suitable time, taking away the stress of advertising fees, auction costs and lengthy delays. Condition, age, mileage, manufacturer and MOT are no barrier to a quick sale with our team. If you’d like a quote for your chassis cab truck, please complete our enquiry form at the top of this page and we’ll provide an accurate quote within 24 hours.

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