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Mobile cranes provide supreme flexibility, easily maneuvering in tricky situations where obstructions are present. Being powerful and precise, these machines are cable-controlled with a crane mounted on crawlers, rubber-tired carriers or hydraulic-powered. They can also be equipped with a telescoping boom or created as self-propelled models. One of the key advantages is that they require very little setup or assembly, meaning they can easily transport materials to a site with different types of load and cargo.

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Many construction companies invest in mobile crane trucks because they can lift extremely heavy amounts of weight, whilst a typical crane features a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains and sheaves. Operators use levers and pulleys to get the very best out of these machines, simply lifting and lowering materials, or moving items horizontally. Mobile cranes help play a pivotal role in a multitude of construction and industrial sectors, whilst the most common types include:

Truck Mounted – Also known as a ‘boom truck’, this design will typically feature a rear-mounted rotating telescopic-boom crane on a commercial truck chassis that guarantees exceptional strength.

Rough Terrain – As the name suggests, this form of mobile crane is designed for challenging ground conditions, such as rugged and steep grades on construction sites.

Crawler – With a boom fitted on an undercarriage that’s equipped with a set of crawler tracks to provide stability and mobility, crawler mobile cranes operate on sites with minimal movement. With wide tracks, you can spread out the weight over a large area, without fear of sinking deep into the ground!

One example is the electrical industry, specifically those responsible for maintaining electrical lines. If a transformer goes out, operators are able to make full use of these mobile cranes to take down the existing transformer, many of which will weigh several tons. These trucks can also be used for many other purposes which involve grabbing, hooking, or slinging bundles of material that are either wrapped, boxed or coiled appropriately. Most mobile cranes are powered by electric motors, as well as extremely powerful hydraulics, so they can move heavy equipment, materials and machinery without compromising on safety. Multi-ton loads will not be a problem for these cranes that are affixed on vehicles, and there are hundreds of different designs.

If you’re looking to upgrade to a newer model or require extra capacity to lift all of the items that you work with each day, it could be time to sell your existing truck for cash today. We are always at the ready to provide fair and fast quotations, no matter the spec, age, features, condition or transmission.

With crane lorries, you have a great deal of versatility and manoeuvrability. You can lift, load and transport as one unit, however, there are so many variations, and each has its own unique set of advantages.

Böcker mobile cranes are of the highest quality and renowned for durability and high-performance in tricky urban areas. The crane retracts (or ‘telescopes’) quickly, efficiently and safely, even under load. The low swivel radius is a crucial feature of the cutting-edge design, making lifting and lowering effortless in busy streets or junctions with running traffic. With Aluminium boomed Böcker Quicklifters, you can lift light loads without fuss wherever you are, whilst the outriggers can be set in virtually any position, and the PLC in the crane will shift the working envelope to give complete safety and stability. We’re regularly seeking Böcker Quicklifter Cranes, so if you’re looking to upgrade your fleet and wish to sell your mobile cranes at a competitive rate quickly, we would be glad to make you an offer today. With 24-hour quotes, same-day payment and flexible collections, we make the process of selling your crane lorries smooth, swift and straightforward.

Compact city cranes are built to perform in inner cities where space is limited. Their compact design makes light work of hoisting on the most constricted sites. Yet, many of these leading-edge crane lorries feature a variable steering concept, meaning they can overcome almost impossible obstacles even when rigged for the road. Whether you need to reach over industrial fences, pass tall walls in old towns or reach over narrow alleys, compact cranes are built to get the job done! We are regularly buying used compact city cranes, so if you’re looking to sell your existing Demag, Kato, Liebherr, Terex or Demag, please complete our quick and easy form, and we’ll provide a quick quote within 24-hours!

All-terrain telescopic cranes deliver unrivalled safety and performance, no matter the terrain or weather conditions. These powerful machines are incredibly versatile with off-road/rough terrain mobility and decent speeds on public roads and highways. All-terrain telescopic crane lorries are widely seen as the luxury version of a mobile hydraulic crane, often featuring an all-wheel-drive steering suspension system and an incredibly lifting capacity, generally ranging from 40 to 1,000 tonnes. Designed to handle harsh site conditions, all-terrain telescopic mobile cranes elevate efficiency, safety and productivity levels.

Spierings revolutionised the crane industry by “putting the tower crane on wheels”, but they’ve evolved to develop vehicles that are bigger and better; the SK1265-AT6 is the biggest mobile crane available on the market (at the time of writing) and has already been constructed more than 250 times. Every mobile tower crane designed by Spierings has been designed and developed to be easy to set up, allowing operators to get to work quickly, whilst the cab provides the optimum viewing position for precision. These mobile cranes are ideal for work in areas where space is restricted, such as narrow roads and built-up inner-city areas, whilst they’re equipped with ample lighting to ensure work can continue after sundown.

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