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Skeletal trailers, also known as ‘semiskel trailers’ are lightweight and often designed to transport shipping containers. Over the years, container chassis have become more versatile and sophisticated, with many modern designs offering the ability to shorten the skeletal wheelbase and carry a 20-foot container (positioned in the centre during transportation) before being shifted to the rear of the trailer for loading and unloading. We buy all skeletal semi-trailers, but some of the main types include:

• Sliding Bogie Skeletal Trailer / 4 Lock Fixed Skeletal Trailer
• Multi-Function Skeletal Trailer
• Timber Skeletal Trailer
• Slope Frame ISO Tank Skeletal Trailer
• Tipping Skeletal Trailer
• 20ft Sliding Bogie Skeletal Tipper Trailer
• Step Frame ISO Tank Skeletal Trailer

We’ve also bought skeletals that have been fitted with cranes that enable them to be loaded/unloaded at ground level. Whether you’re looking to cash in on your old skeletal chassis or wish to bolster your fleet with the purchase of a newer model, we will provide a prompt quote for your skeletal today! We buy all types of semi-trailers, no matter the size, configuration or condition.

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Skeletal trailers can be specified in a large number of size configurations, such as 20-foot, 30-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot container. There are also ISO intermodal containers which can be added to a skeletal, and they can be equipped with up to twelve container twist locks so that the driver can load a range of different (such as 2x 20-foot or a single 40-foot container).

Most skeletal trailers are lightweight, being principally designed for transporting containers. However, they can also be used as hook loaders for loading a skip and several other specialist applications, so long as you have the right attachments and supports. Since standard shipping containers are available in a wide variety of sizes, skeletal trailers can either be specific to a particular size or extendable, with the option to accommodate several containers of different sizes with multiple twist-lock locations enabling complete control.

As many hauliers will know, sliding skeletal trailer tend to be more expensive than your typical container chassis, however, with this added convenience comes more possibility for wear and tear, as well as the need for more maintenance work over a longer period. In addition to sliding skeletals, there are also those with a tipping mechanism, making it easy for operators to unload containers filled with loose natural or synthetic materials.

Having been buying and exporting skeletal semi-trailers for many years, we’re familiar with all types. With most trailers, the number of axles (and whether they are duals or singles) depends on the application; however, if you’re only going to be moving empty containers, fewer axles will be required to support the load. The majority of modern container chassis feature air suspension as standard, rather than steel drum suspension, offering a much smoother ride. Some of the very best skeletal trailers can handle over 70 tonnes, whilst you’ll also discover models that feature side loading facilities for self-loading purposes.

Truck Trading has developed a dependable reputation in the used semi-trailer sector, buying every possible design from individuals and organisations throughout the whole of the UK. If you’re looking to sell one or a few trailers soon, we’d be pleased to offer you a free no-obligation quotation today. Simply complete the form above, and our friendly sales advisers will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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