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Bulk tippers generally have 3 axles though they are also available with 2 axles, and they’re designed to handle heavy loads and provide safe offloading. With strong steel bodies, these robust vehicles perform a critical role in the construction, mining and agricultural sectors, whilst aluminium body tippers are growing in popularity as they can hold more weight on the roads.

One of the biggest advantages is reducing the need for return trips, driving efficiency through more product being delivered per trip with fewer vehicles. As a result, this reduces operating costs, such as fuel, drivers and the vehicles needed. Bulk tipping trailers allow large construction firms to reap the rewards of these savings, carrying payloads in a short timescale. We’ve very familiar with all types of bulk tipping trailers, and we buy all types, no matter the age, configuration or mileage. If you’re looking to sell yours, request a FREE no-obligation quotation from our team today. In most cases, we provide quotes within the hour, whilst we can also provide same-day payments, with rapid collections.

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If you have a hauling business, you likely know all of the benefits associated with using bulk tipping trailers. These are the trailers that you can activate from the cab of the truck (typically), tipping them up in simply and safely so that the contents can pour out. These are very useful, especially when working with materials like grain, gravel, and even cement. Here are some other benefits that you may not have thought of regarding the use of bulk tipping semi-trailers.

When you can press a button or move the lever, and have all of the contents of your trailer offload, this is going to save you a substantial amount of time. The fact that it is in a truck, and that the controls are right there, the driver doesn’t have to take any extra steps. If they just need to pour it into a pile, they can do so in a matter of minutes, and they can also nudge forward if it needs to be laid out in a straight line. That’s why bulk tipping trailers are so popular with many businesses, especially those that are in the construction or agricultural industries.

The workers that are with you would have to do an extraordinary amount of manual labour if they did not have access to a bulk tipping trailer. For example, if it did not tip, they would have to find some way of getting into the back of the truck, bringing that material out, and then transferring it to a specific location. Many construction companies invest in bulk tipping trailers to save time and reduce the risk of your workers being injured. Still, a bulk tipper trailer is also undoubtedly one of the most convenient methods for transporting large volumes of transport construction materials, supplemental materials or hot asphalt.

Truck Trading buys all makes and models, yet the most common tipper brands available in the UK include Fruehauf, Wilcox, Montracon, Kelburg, Stas, Dennison, Titan, Weightlifter, Benalu, Mol and Schmitz. Whether your used tipper trailer is predominately used to transfer heavy loads between construction sites or is often used to streamline the efficiency of your agriculture/milling processes, we’re able to provide a quick quote, followed by faster payment.

As discussed, tipper trailers with aluminium chassis are widely used for maximising payload on tipper transport, with an ultra-lightweight build. That’s why they’ve continued to soar in popularity, however, many individuals and businesses depend on tipper trailers with steel chassis, because they deliver strength compaction, making them ideal for heavier payloads.

With such a diverse range of companies depending on bulk tipping trailers for day-to-day operations, such as transporting animal feeds to grains and building materials. Therefore, these highly durable and reliable semi-trailers perform exceptionally well across a wide range of sectors. Grain transportation, in particular, is an immensely busy sector for UK-based milling companies. The grain is imported into UK ports from eastern European countries, with boats bringing in the bulk grain and offloading it into static silos in the port terminal. Bulk tippers are used to collect the grain for distribution nationwide to milling companies, for the production of food. These powerful machines play a pivotal role in society, helping to streamline grain trade.

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