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Sell Your Refuse Truck / Bin Lorry Today

Refuse trucks, also known as bin lorries, play an important role in society, collecting public solid waste and transporting it to a solid waste treatment facility, such as a landfill, recycling centre or transfer station. With any refuse collection vehicle (RCV), the bins are raised and unloaded into a hopper thanks to the powerful hydraulic arms — although some of you may be old enough to remember when bin men did this by sheer muscle power! The hopper is then cleared into the body of the truck and the waste is compacted to maximise space. Simple in operation but pivotal to communities in the UK and overseas, refuse trucks are among the most popular vehicles we export.

At Truck Trading, we buy all types of used municipal trucks — no matter the age, capacity, mileage or condition. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your fleet and sell on your older models at excellent prices, we can provide a swift, trouble-free sales process, with a 24-hour quote and same-day payment.

Why sell your Bin Lorry to us?

  • Fast and fair quote
  • Same-day payment is possible

  • Experienced sales advisers
  • Accurate costs
  • Smooth sale process

  • Experienced sales advisors — not databases!

  • Decades of experience buying trucks and trailers
  • We can provide proof of export if needed
  • No hidden or unexpected fees
  • Don’t waste time and money on advert creation

Top advantages of Refuse Trucks

A triumph of strength and technology

While the loading process is relatively straightforward, it’s important to understand just how quickly solid waste can be collected. Even when the hopper looks full, the operator can activate the compacting blade, which forces the waste deep into the body, so it can carry a great deal of waste, staying on the road for longer, allowing bin men to cover a larger area swiftly and efficiently. Once the round is complete, operators simply reverse the compacting process, and the truck is unloaded.

Bin lorries are becoming more comfortable, safe and reliable

Even if we go back several decades when the population was significantly lower, bin lorries often needed multiple trips to collect all of the waste from households and businesses. Modern collection trucks are more focused on maximising productivity and uptime for operators, as well as keeping drivers safe and more comfortable on their journeys. Cameras are equipped to provide crystal clear visibility. With some of the latest examples featuring multi-camera systems, ergonomic operator controls and automatic body controls, you can quickly realise just how far these machines have come over a relatively short period.

We buy all leading brands

From Faun to Geesinknorba, Phoenix, Dennis Eagle Elite, NTM and Heil, we buy all types of refuse trucks, no matter the age or condition. Faun is one of the leaders in manufacturing innovative disposal vehicles. Since Faun’s foundation in the mid-1800s, the brand has evolved considerably, innovating in vehicle technology. More recently the brand developed ‘ROTOPRESS DUALPOWER’ – a hybrid vehicle which harnesses braking energy to operate electric motors. Geesinknorba has one of the biggest collections of collection products, encompassing the GPM IV Series, N Series, MF Series and GPM MINI Series, whilst Phoenix, Dennis Eagle Elite, NTM and Heil are also household names in the UK, delivering innovative products that make a meaningful difference to local communities and society at large. Whatever type you’re looking to sell, we will be glad to provide a fair and fast offer!

Wide range of shapes, configurations and capacities

From the Mercedes-Benz Econic to the Dennis Eagle Elite, there are many different manufacturers/models of refuse trucks with distinctive features and technology. Whether yours is very tidy, direct from the council, requiring some maintenance or a non-runner, Truck Trading buys all types of bin lorries and refuse trucks. If you’re happy with the price we offer (usually within just a few hours), we can potentially make payment the same day and arrange a collection at the most convenient time. As is the case with all of the trucks we buy, you must provide correct and up-to-date information; therefore any photos you submit with the form above must be recently taken, representing the vehicle’s current condition.

Sell your truck today: It’s as easy as one, two, three!

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