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Concrete mixing trucks are essential machines in the world of construction, transporting high volumes of concrete every day. A typical concrete truck, also known as an in-transit mixer, can be loaded with dry materials and water, with the mixing occurring during transportation. Yet, mixed concrete can also be loaded directly into the mixing drum. The drum rotates to keep the concrete from starting to set, so it remains in a liquid state until it’s ready for delivery at the right location.

With a multi-purpose blade inside the drum, it mixes the concrete with ease. The blade runs the internal length of the drum in a spiral shape. While turning into the base of the drum, the blade mixes the concrete. When the rotation of the drum is reversed in the other direction, towards the opening of the drum, the spiral acts as an Archimedes screw. We’ve been buying concrete mixer trucks for many years, offering fair prices, fast payments and friendly support. Truck Trading is committed to giving our customers honest quotes that represent their vehicle’s true value, whilst we can make same-day payments and collect your vehicle whenever you need us.

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A concrete mixer can bring construction companies reduced costs and savings, with a happier workforce as there’s no need to mix on site. Therefore, if you are in the construction industry or work with concrete directly, concrete mixer trucks are essential. The constant churning inside the drum ensures that the concrete will not solidify, so it’s critical to utilise mixer trucks if you are delivering concrete regularly.

Whether you’re selling your mixer or upgrading soon, one of the key advantages to any modern mixer truck the self-loading design. It enables highly skilled operators to swiftly feed, measure, and mix their final discharge, which ultimately means that builders get the concrete they need in a very convenient package. At Truck Trading, we consider the size, drum capacity, age and condition before offering a precise cost and you can tell us about your vehicle’s details here.

One of the reasons why concrete mixer trucks will continue to stay in demand is because they’re very environmentally friendly by being able to reduce the amount of concrete waste produced, these truck help to protect the planet. That said, they also make it much easier to get the exact amount of concrete for the task at hand, rather than over-ordering or to underestimate the amount required.

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