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Built for heavy commercial loads, beavertail trucks are incredibly useful for moving cars, trucks, plant machinery and construction equipment. They are designed to transport heavy loads in harsh conditions, whilst many are equipped with hydraulic lift — allowing operators to use hydraulics to move the truck bed and ensure effortless loading. If you’re looking to sell your beavertail truck, you will already be well aware of the key benefits, which can, in turn, help you sell your vehicle quickly and efficiently at a fair price.

Whether you currently own a beavertail lorry with a cheesewedge body, enabling you to fold the ramps flat or store them vertically, or you currently own a winch body that allows you to recover vehicles and equipment quickly and efficiently, we’re interested in making an offer for your vehicle today. Simply complete our quick and easy contact form, and a friendly sales advisor will be in touch as soon as possible.

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Many factors can affect the value of your vehicle, but across the board, most beavertails are very strong and dependable, being reinforced with steel rods to increase axle strength. This means that they allow very heavy machines and equipment to be loaded, matching the engine capacity to the load. Sleeper cabs are ideal for long distances, whilst some argue that manual transmission may provide more power and greater control. Yet, the automatic transmission can be more convenient to drive in the city.

Later models may have a backup camera and alarm as well as a GPS system. The beavertail design is very popular in recovery vehicles and trucks whilst the ramp (also known as a dovetail ramp) is a sloped extension that protrudes off the back of the frame, allowing equipment and other items to be loaded with ease. The sheer volume of design options makes these rigid trucks incredibly versatile, so they can be used for earthmoving, vehicle recovery and shifting plant machinery.

One of the main benefits of using these trucks is that you don’t have to worry about getting an extra ramp. These robust machines are also not that high from the ground, which means operators from the sides will be able to load goods, and other smaller items if needed. They are incredibly flexible, allowing you to make quick trips with minimal amounts of equipment, but the key takeaway is that they enable you to load and unload with very little effort.

The first option that springs to mind for many individuals and businesses looking to sell their rigid beavertail trucks, is to list the vehicle for sale on major vehicle websites, perhaps with an auction listing or a classified ad, but competition for visibility is fierce. Even if you were to go with an auction house, you immediately have to pay auction fees, with a chunky commission taken after the sale, so you may not necessarily get the offer you need. Relisting time and again can be costly too, but with Truck Trading, you can sell your beavertail lorry quickly and efficiently. We provide a rapid quote (within 24 hours), and we can even follow up with same-day payment before scheduling a collection at a time that suits.

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