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Vacuum trucks are incredibly versatile, guaranteeing efficient, cost-effective, and safe services to complete the job at hand, such as deep cleaning inner-city streets or transporting liquid waste. There are many different variations to choose from, including left and right-hand drive, however, Truck Trading buys all types of vacuum trucks — no matter the age, condition or mileage.

Vacuum trucks are used by town and municipal governments, as well as commercial entities in the UK and across the world, while they’re loved for their robust and durable design, thanks to the thick steel structure. Many government entities and contractors use these trucks to save money and streamline operations across a variety of projects including vacuum excavating, hydro excavation, and sewer jetting. Below we’ve outlined some of the popular variations in the UK.

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The haulage of dangerous goods by road creates numerous risks to drivers, other road users and the public, not to mention the environmental risks. Fortunately, in the UK and across Europe, the number of serious incidents is relatively low. With strict procedures in place and ADR regulations that must be met by manufacturers, today’s cutting-edge bulk liquid chemical trailers are incredibly safe to operate, and tank-tested utilising the world’s most durable materials.

Many ADR drivers appreciate the loading and unloading of diesel, gas oil, engine oil or other hazardous chemicals using dedicated hoses because there is minimal physical effort needed — especially when compared to loading and unloading curtainsiders. There is also less effort involved in balancing loads. For example, because liquid loads tend to move around while you drive, balancing it across your axles doesn’t make a great deal of difference. For newly qualified ADR drivers, ‘surge’ can prompt the unnerving feeling of the liquid in the tank sloshing when the truck moves, however, patience, control and experience are crucial to success, and most modern ADR/Chemical trailers are built to be immensely stable, minimising ‘surge’.

Jetting Tankers are most common in municipal operators’ fleets, ranging from low volume combination units to medium and high-volume combination units. Therefore, they’re equipped to clean and working on mainline sewers, gullies and drains on residential and commercial premises. With high-pressure water jetting to clear gully connections and domestic drains, these reliable vehicles can also be used to empty septic tanks and cesspools, helping homeowners and businesses maintain clean and efficient water systems, even if they’re not connected to the main sewer network.

Best known for efficiently recycling dirty sewer water during jetting operations, these tankers are seen as the ultimate workhorse in the world of Waste Management, providing efficiency, proven performance and reliability. These tankers recycle the water used during jetting operations, increasing the amount of time spent working whilst delivering excellent value for money and a more efficient and eco-friendly solution. Recycler Jetters can remove large volumes of silt, debris, and roots whilst making light work of cleaning drains and removing blockages.

Vacuum tankers generally range from 7.5 tonnes (vacuum tank body) to 32 tonnes (8-wheeler vacuum tank body), so they’re very versatile in size, features and operation. These robust vehicles are designed to transport liquid waste — both non-hazardous and ADR hazardous. In terms of the materials used for the tank itself, 316 and 304-grade stainless steel are widely used for ADR hazardous waste, whilst non-hazardous liquid vacuum tankers are often designed with lightweight aluminium and carbon steel.

Jet Vac and vacuum tankers will give operators a great deal of flexibility and control. For example, you’re able to remove debris, clear pipes, prevent drain blockages and solve problems in hard-to-reach places, so you instantly open doors to new opportunities, with high-pressure water jetting helping to keep the world we live in clean and efficient.

A sludge tanker is suitable for a variety of services, such as Septic Tank/Cesspit Emptying, Site Toilet Tank Emptying, Food Processing Waste, Heavy Sludge, Effluent, Sewage, Silt Removal and Oil/ Fuel Interceptor Cleaning. The most common capacities in UK towns and cities range from 1,500 to 6,000 gallons.

We buy all types of vacuum trucks, no matter the make, age, condition or mileage. Whether you’re looking to offload your existing vacuum truck quickly at a fair price or wish to sell surplus stock and free up valuable space onsite, you can request a quote for your vacuum truck by completing the form on this page. Please do not hesitate to send us a message or call our friendly team today using the details at the bottom of this page for any further information or assistance.

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