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A low-loader is defined as a semi-trailer that has two drops in trailer height; one drop immediately after the gooseneck and one just in front of the rear axles. The design enables the bed to be much lower than ‘regular’ trailers. They do not typically require an escort to warn motorists of a long or wide load so they can be driven on bypasses and motorways, which ensures businesses can quickly and easily transport heavy machinery to worksites.

They are very popular in the UK for the distribution of heavy equipment that can’t be dismantled into smaller sections. Most of these powerful, robust and efficient vehicles are prominent across Manchester and other major cities because the big plants need these vehicles for transferring concrete slabs, industrial machines and building products. They are, therefore, crucial to ensuring smooth transportation, so if you’re looking to sell your low-loader semi-trailer, why not complete our quick and easy form and we’ll send you an accurate quote within 24 hours. Whether your low-loader is 20 years old, comes a capacity of 60 tonnes or has been used for decades hauling some of the heaviest items, we can offer a quick quote, followed by faster payment!

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The low height of these semi-trailers makes loading much more manageable than traditional trailers. Whether you are using the vehicle for hauling machines or carrying pieces of furniture, you are able to load these items quickly, efficiently and safely — reducing manual labour.

The robust build of low-loader semi-trailers makes them durable. They can last for years even if you carry some of the heaviest items in them. Whether its furniture, machines or even small cars, these trailers don’t show signs of breaking down because of their robust construction. Their excellent mechanical precision allows them to handle high volumes of weight quickly. You don’t even need to throng a clip to accommodate or carry all your items. The trailers are strong enough to load the objects and ensure safe and secure delivery.

Most moving companies prefer using low-loader semi-trailers because of their excellent road safety. The low height of these trailers allows drivers to manoeuvre the vehicle safely in traffic jams.

The construction of low-loader semi-trailers is another factor that makes these vehicles beneficial for various industries. Their goosenecks, front and back axles, and heights make them suitable for loading and unloading of objects. Most importantly, these trailers are not just ideal for carrying bulky items but also long objects of up to 4 meters in length. The strong body, together with vast space, makes low-loader semi-trailers an essential vehicle in industries that need to transport heavy cargo. Additional clip beds also allow drivers to load heavier and longer items that smaller trucks or trailers cannot accommodate.

There are so many different types of machinery they move, including combine harvesters, excavators and truck logistics — whereby operators can move multiple tractor units at once to save time and money.

Hydraulic neck lowbeds are very common in the UK, from 2 axle, 3 axle, all the way through to 6-7 axle for heavier goods, such as boats. These low-loader semi-trailers are optimised for carrying heavy goods and equipment with restrictions due to bridge heights. At Truck Trading, we also regularly buy wafer deck low loaders, which benefit from a super low running height — as low as 350mm. This means they are well suited for high and difficult shaped goods with an option to extend, such as when transporting wind turbines.

Step frame low-loaders are probably the most common vehicle for transporting heavy goods, ranging from agricultural tractors to plant machinery and access platforms. They are flexible and durable and can carry anything from 16-ton to 80-ton, whilst they can be used for lorry and car logistics. Step frame low loaders are one of the most cost-effective vehicles in this category as they have hydraulic folding ramps at the rear, which deliver exceptional versatility for loading any wheel-based vehicle, such as tractors, plant machinery and lorries etc.

Whether you are looking to sell your hydraulic neck, gooseneck, wafer deck or step frame low-loader, we’d be glad to offer you a rapid quotation today. Whether you’re looking to sell right now or simply want to know how much your truck is worth, we’re here to help.

We really do buy every type!


We buy all kinds of gooseneck low loaders, those with a distinctive dipping neck that connects to the flatbed, optimising space and improving stability.

Fixed Neck

No detachable neck on your low loader? No problem, we’re here to give you a fast, and fair quote – simplifying the process of selling your fixed-neck low loader for cash.

Step Frame

Does yours have a drop in the frame? We’re all ears. This lowers the bed height for easier loading and increased clearance. We’re regularly buying these trailers.

Hydraulic Neck

Any low-loader semi-trailer with a hydraulic mechanism to adjust the height of the neck is worthy of a free, fast and fair quote. It’s a winner for smoother loading operations.


Here at Truck Trading, we also buy low-loaders with multiple axles to distribute the weight more evenly and shift very heavy loads. Interested in selling yours?

Detachable Neck

Does the front of your trailer detach and drop to the ground, thus simplifying the loading process? We would love to make you an offer; just fill in our easy form.

From drop deck and double drop low loaders to those with extendable sections to handle longer loads or ramps for easy equipment loading and unloading, our friendly team can give you a quick quote. At Truck Trading our friendly team is ready to provide you with a fast and competitive quote. We know just how crucial it is to make the buying process smooth and stress-free and that’s why we offer same-day payments and collections scheduled at the best possible time for you.

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