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Tipping silo tankers are used for powder, flour, food-grade products, cement, lime, pellets, wood products, eco-friendly fuel sources and all types of granules. With a cylindrical drum, these tankers benefit from a low centre of gravity and therefore offer excellent driving characteristics. Designed to deliver fast loading and unloading, tipping silo tankers can drastically increase productivity for hauliers, as well as safety and efficiency.

Truck Trading purchases all types of silo tipper tankers — no matter the volume, age, condition or manufacturer. We’re able to provide fast quotes, followed by same-day payment, whilst our friendly team is always on hand to answer any questions, ensuring the sale process is swift, smooth and seamless.

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If you are delivering materials like grain, it’s critical to have a tipping silo tanker at your disposal. When unloading the material, operators simply press a button to tip the trailer up, emptying all of the granular materials. Most modern silo tankers are constructed of a continuous aluminium chassis, providing high quality, high durability and a long and efficient life.

There are only a handful of active manufacturers in the field of silo tankers:

• Feldbinder
• Spitzer
• Ardor
• Kässbohrer

Most models can be easily distinguished from one another based on their capacity, which ranges from ± 30 to 60 m³, though capacities can be greater. Many of these tankers include a unique coating which prevents the load from coming into contact with the aluminium tank. In addition to preventing contamination, modern silo tankers are also great for advertising, with a large smooth surface allowing companies to boost brand awareness or spread the word about their products/solutions.

Tipper silos have one release opening at the rear, whilst the entire tank tilts due to the impressive hydraulic cylinder at the front of the trailer. These are not to be confused with “Banana trailers” or “hopper bottoms”. Truck Trading buys and exports all types of tipping silo tankers from hauliers, finance companies, rental companies and single-vehicle owners across the UK, guaranteeing fast and fair prices, with a hassle-free collection process. We can also provide same-day payments, no matter the value of your truck.

These expertly engineered tankers offer great height capacities at low net tare weight, maximising the payload of dry bulk products. Designed to deliver exceptional stability and durability, tipping silo tankers have quickly evolved to become the most convenient solution for transporting a diverse range of products, such as:

• sugar cane
• salt
• sand
• cement
• glass cullet
• ADR goods
• plastic granulate
• chemical powders
• mortar
• calcium carbonate
• feldspar
• lime
• corn
• special starch
• mill powder

There are many leading manufacturers specialising in tipping silo tankers, such as Feldbinder, Spitzer, Omeps, LAG, Kassbohrer and ZVVZ, with each offering a number of additional features to suit different tasks. Fortunately, at Truck Trading, we really do buy all types. Whether you own a 2004 LAG powder tanker or a brand-new Spitzer built specifically to transport powder & granular materials, our friendly team would be pleased to make you an offer today!

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