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Bulk liquid ADR/chemical trailers are made of stainless steel or aluminium, and they are often insulated with steam coils to protect cold-sensitive liquid. From single compartments to multi compartments (such as two, three or four) it’s possible to transport a wide variety of dangerous goods. Chemical semi-trailers are built according to ADR regulations, meaning each trailer is certified to be safe on the road when fully loaded with hazardous liquids, however, it is possible to have these trailers completely customised to your exact needs. Many of the ADR / Chemical trailers we buy from clients all across the UK include heating systems, cleaning options and pump installations.

Many bulk liquid tankers have heavy corrosive product tanks or acid rubber lined tanks that carry dangerous products, whilst vacuum tankers are generally used for muck and liquid waste removal.  General-purpose or GP tankers are similar in appearance, however, they are frequently used for food liquid such as milk, chocolate, oils and other food grade liquids. If you’re looking to sell your ADR trailer ASAP, and you need a prompt sale at a fair price with a swift collection, we can meet your needs. We can provide fast accurate quotes in just a matter of hours as well as offering same-day payment — no matter the age, model or condition of your semi-trailer. Simply complete our quick and easy contact form today and we’ll be back in touch with an accurate quote!

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The haulage of dangerous goods by road creates numerous risks to drivers, other road users and the public, not to mention the environmental risks. Fortunately, in the UK and across Europe, the number of serious incidents is relatively low. With strict procedures in place and ADR regulations that must be met by manufacturers, today’s cutting-edge bulk liquid chemical trailers are incredibly safe to operate, and tank-tested utilising the world’s most durable materials.

Many ADR drivers appreciate the loading and unloading of diesel, gas oil, engine oil or other hazardous chemicals using dedicated hoses because there is minimal physical effort needed — especially when compared to loading and unloading curtainsiders. There is also less effort involved in balancing loads. For example, because liquid loads tend to move around while you drive, balancing it across your axles doesn’t make a great deal of difference. For newly qualified ADR drivers, ‘surge’ can prompt the unnerving feeling of the liquid in the tank sloshing when the truck moves, however, patience, control and experience are crucial to success, and most modern ADR/Chemical trailers are built to be immensely stable, minimising ‘surge’.

As you would probably expect, these highly durable tankers are built to last, using top quality, robust materials. Not only does this save you a significant amount of invested capital in the long-run, but your tanker may not depreciate as quickly as you might expect. Truck Trading buys all types of used bulk liquid tankers, including those that are designed for ADR purposes, with some dating back almost half a century, yet we’re still able to offer excellent prices!

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