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A tanker truck, also known as a fuel truck or tanker, is a vehicle designed for the transportation of gas or liquids such as oil, gasoline and milk. Without tanker trucks, many of the critical operations would not be possible, whilst most factories would run out of basic ingredients. If you’re selling a tanker truck, you’ll be very aware of just how critical these cutting-edge vehicles are, and how versatile they can be, carrying a vast array of products and ingredients. Some tanker trucks obviously only transport ‘speciality chemicals’ yet functionality, sizes and capacities vary considerably.

If you’re hoping to sell your tanker truck, our friendly team are always on hand to provide fast and accurate quotations, as well as same-day payments. We really do buy all types, from insulated tankers to non-insulated, pressurised, non-pressurised, single and multiple internal compartments. Why not see how much your vehicle is worth today? From Scania tankers with top and bottom loading to compact Mitsubishi tankers and fleets of DAF fuel tankers, we buy any truck, no matter the condition, and there’s no need for a valid MOT.

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With this in mind, drivers must be aware of the safety precautions required for the specific loads they are transporting, considering how the fluid moves in transportation. The effects of sloshing induced by vehicle motion can be severe, and it’s all due to changes in direction and speed. Sloshing generates dynamic forces that influence the behaviour of the vehicle and can alter its stability, and as a result, it’s safety. Tankers are specialised and very much in demand because they can transport a wide variety of liquid goods including liquid sugar, molasses, milk, wine, juices, water, diesel, industrial chemicals, cement powder, flour and maize. 

From safely transporting petroleum to water, gases or even wastages, tanker trucks are easy to loading and unloading with a hose whilst most new models now feature bottom loading. This is a method of filling tank trucks by pumping liquid products into cylindrical cargo tanks through a system of valves and fittings mounted beneath the truck. The traditional method of ‘top-loading’ involves opening manhole covers on the top of the tank truck.

For example, we regularly buy ADR rigid tankers. ADR stands for Accord Dangereux Routier and it relates to the European regulations concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road. It is a UN treaty concluded in 1957 and has been updated ever since, according to new rules and regulations in the logistics industry. ADR tanker trucks, therefore, provide safe international transportation of goods that may be hazardous to people or the environment. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods (ranging from petroleum to ADR chemicals and liquid waste products) must comply with Annex B to ADR, which includes vehicle and tank specifications and other operational requirements. If you’re looking to sell your used ADR tanker, we can give you a swift quote with hassle-free payment and collection.

Tankers perform exceptional duties, distributing highly flammable and risky materials that could pose a risk factor if mishandled. Manufacturers understand these concerns and utilise top quality materials in the construction of the tanks, such as carbon, aluminium, reinforced fibreglass and stainless steel. Through careful combination in appropriate proportions, the combinations go through a series of tests to ascertain durability. Whether your used tanker truck is several years old with a fresh MOT or a much older tanker with 2,000,000 miles on the clock, we can help you get maximum value with a smooth, swift and painless process.

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