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Box trucks are well known for being super convenient and easy to manoeuvre, yet they also deliver in terms of “free wheel advertising” so it’s no wonder why these trucks are incredibly popular here in the UK and across the globe. Though available in a wide variety of sizes, box trucks tend to be very spacious, making them easy to load, unload and reload quickly and efficiently. They’re particularly useful for parcel deliveries, furniture hauling and food deliveries.

If you’re looking to sell your box truck, then you’ll know just how handy these modern vehicles can be, so we understand the pressure you’re under to get the very best price for your model. At Truck Trading, we’re not fazed by a vehicle’s age, condition or the number of miles it has on the clock — we want to give you a great price, a speedy payment and a smooth collection that’s scheduled around your needs. Whether you own a robust Iveco Eurocargo, a mint Mercedes-Benz Actros or a well-used DAF LF, we can take away the stress of selling your box truck — and there’s absolutely no need for dozens of tedious forms!

  • Fast and fair quote
  • Same-day payment is possible
  • Experienced sales advisers
  • Accurate costs
  • Smooth sale process
  • Experienced sales advisors — not databases!
  • Decades of experience buying trucks and trailers
  • We can provide proof of export if needed
  • No hidden or unexpected fees
  • Don’t waste time and money on advert creation

Selling your box truck to Truck Trading can save you valuable time and money as a result. Rather than paying for premium advertisements or spending hours at auctions in the hope that your vehicle sells, why not speak to our friendly sales team? We will happily discuss and negotiate a fair price for your used trucks. We’re well aware of the advantages of box trucks, as listed below, and we can quickly identify the true value of your vehicle.

If you have ever driven a larger vehicle, you know that they can often be hard to handle, especially if you are required to navigate intricate streets that are not particularly wide. A box truck gives you a great way to haul hefty loads without struggling to make tight turns on narrower roads.

One crucial benefit associated with this type of vehicle is the fact that the side of the truck is a clean slate that can be used to amplify your brand. While it is possible to advertise on the side of any truck you select, a box truck is rather large and this means that your business information is likely to be more eye-catching. Most businesses advertise in other ways as well, but this is a solid way to extend your reach without making your advertising budget any larger. At Truck Trading we buy all kinds of box trucks, no matter whether they’re completely branded in bold colours or plain white.

Many people choose smaller trucks with beds because they can be a more economical option. With that said, this can lead to your belongings being accessed by someone who has not been authorised to do so. This kind of truck is akin to ‘a box on wheels’, so you can safely store anything you need without worrying about thieves. In addition, if you have electronic equipment and/or other goods that should not be exposed to the elements, this is a sure-fire way to keep them in top condition.

As you already know, using a truck with a trailer can mean you have to spend a reasonable amount of time hooking it up — that’s not the case with a rigid box truck. You can also see fuel costs improve. We’ve been buying and selling box trucks for many years, and we can consider all aspects of your model’s spec and condition to offer a price that reflects its true value.

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