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In recent years, the 4×2 format has become less popular than the 6×2, mainly because the three-axle tractor units (6×2) are more tax-efficient and can carry an extra four tonnes in the UK, which can prove the be the crucial difference for many hauliers. That said, there is still a good deal of demand in the 4×2 axle configuration, especially among international operators. In the UK, the maximum permissible gross train weight (GTW) for a 4×2 truck in the UK is 40 tonnes, yet many drivers will run lower than this, meaning they can pay a reduced road fund licence. If you’re looking to sell your 4×2 tractor unit, you’ll understand the many rewards of having a much more compact tractor unit. Whether you’re upgrading to a newer DAF 4×2 model or you’re looking to switch to a newer 6×2 Iveco tractor unit, we can give you a quick price for your existing model, with same-day payment available!

As we’ve touched on above, the 6×2 tractor units are now more flexible than the 4×2 configuration, which is currently limited to lighter loads. The three-axle tractor unit is by far the most common configuration in the UK, and when combined with a three-axle trailer, you essentially have an ‘artic’ with a combined weight of 44 tonnes (GTW). It’s a workhorse and ideal for a wide range of haulage applications, allowing hauliers to maximise fuel economy, primarily when operated on well-maintained, paved roads. In a 6×2 configuration, only one of the two rear axles receives power. Having fewer drive axles means less rolling resistance, which improves fuel efficiency — giving you the “most bang for your buck”. Suppose you’re looking to upgrade your existing 6×2 tractor unit or need to upgrade to this axle configuration to haul heavier payloads. In that case, we may be able to help, giving you the most competitive rate for your existing 6×2. Whether you own a Scania, DAF, Volvo, Iveco, Renault, MAN or Mercedes Benz 6×2 tractor unit, we can give you a rapid quote today — simply complete our quick and easy contact form, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours (but usually we get back within just several hours)! With same-day payment and a swift collection at a time that suits you, we’ve grown to become one of the leading buyers of used 6×2 tractor units in the UK.

Whilst 6×4 tractor units are not very common in the UK, they do suit various specialist heavy haulage applications, such as pulling a low loader with a bulldozer or some other form of heavy land machinery. The essential advantage with any 6×4 tractor unit is the ability to deliver increased power to more tires (with both of the tractor’s rear axles operating as drive axles). This consequently leads to better stability, control, safety and vehicle operation when transporting heavier loads. We’ve bought a diverse range of 6×4 tractor units, and another crucial advantage with these trucks is that they maintain better resale value. Whilst these powerful tractors are more common in long-distance haulage in larger countries such as the USA and Australia, they serve many purposes here in the UK and across Europe, particularly in the construction sector. At Truck trading, we buy all types of tractor units at the most competitive rates, so whether you’re looking to cash in on your non-operational trucks to free up valuable yard space, or wish to upgrade to a newer 6×4 model from the likes of MAN, Volvo, Mercedes, LHD or ERF, we can give you a quote today. Simply complete our “get quote” form with accurate information and we can provide a fair price ASAP. If you’re happy, let us know because same-day payments are possible — so you can quickly arrange a collection and get back to business.

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Having worked closely with hauliers, used asset finance companies, rental firms and single-vehicle owners, we know that when it is time to move on to your next lorry, you may find yourself thinking: “What is my tractor unit worth?”. We’re often asked about the variables that we take into consideration when quoting, but it can vary greatly depending on the model, age and condition, so it’s always best to complete our form and provide accurate information as well as good quality photographs. When we have all of the information we need, we’re often able to provide quotes within 5 to 10 minutes, before making payment and collecting within 24 hours.

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