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Advancements in technology have paved the way for these crucial trucks, which provide the necessary transportation for all types of chilled goods. Gone are the days when commodities perished on the long journey due to delays or unavoidable circumstances. Rigid refrigerated trucks, also known as rigid reefer trucks, include a refrigerated unit, often built directly on the frame, and at Truck Trading, we buy all types!

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Refrigerated trucks enable businesses to distribute perishable food and other products efficiently without the worry of incurring losses. Unlike other types of shipping options — where in most cases the commodities become ruined due to a lack of defined storage — refrigerated trucks save individuals and businesses from this hassle. The manufacturing of the vehicle assumes a modern racking space with varying temperatures depending on what you want to store.

Of course, not all products have the same storage requirements. For instance, if you are shipping, meat products, cheese, and yoghurt. Storing them under standard temperatures can lead to spoilage. These trucks often feature control panels, allowing the operator to change the temperature depending on the specifications. This way, drivers and owners of the goods can have complete peace of mind knowing their products will arrive safely at their final destination. Whether you’re selling your refrigerated truck to boost income or are hoping to upgrade in the near future, we can give you a fair, fast and accurate price to consider. We can even make a same-day payment!

We have long been buying and selling refrigerated trucks, and we know the value of these astonishing machines, which can open doors to new businesses and clients. The storage compartments in the interior are often key because they ensure minimal wastage and loss, but whether your wish to sell a refrigerated truck that’s new, old, in immaculate condition or slightly tired and worse for wear, we are interested and we’d love to make you an offer today.

At Truck Trading, we buy all types of temperature-controlled lorries. Some of the models we buy are more suited to city driving. For example, the 7.5-ton refrigerated trucks are often those used by catering companies, delis and local stores. Being relatively compact, they are easy to manoeuvre and can be parked very easily in busy streets. With this in mind, 7.5-ton fridge trucks are among the most versatile, while 10, 12 and 14-ton trucks can also perform very well in built-up towns and cities.

The larger refrigerated trucks we buy, such as 18 and 26-ton models are ideal for long-haul journeys. Whether you’re looking to sell your fridge truck that’s been regularly used for international or continental deliveries, or has been working hard for large distributors like supermarkets and wholesalers; we can provide a quick and easy quotation to consider. The drawbar spec models, also known as Road Trains, are unbeatable in terms of storage, and we’re confident we can give you a price that reflects your vehicle’s true value and satisfies your needs. The drawbar rig pulls an 18-ton trailer to allow for more storage behind the 26-ton truck, so you’re guaranteed plenty of extra space when compared to a typical fridge trailer.

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