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Sell Your Walking Floor Semi-Trailer Today

Walking floor trailers are often roof loaded with rigid sides, operating a contra-sliding floor system that can ‘walk’ the load in and out, making them ideal for situations where there is limited access to heavy plant. As a result, unloading is fast, safe and efficient and can take place even where space is limited. The floor trailer is safely controlled via hydraulics, moving in a backwards motion, allowing the driver to supervise unloading from a safe distance. The load is gradually shifted out of the trailer, with most of these vehicles providing a steady retraction rhythm, yet a part of the floor remains still during the process for complete stability.

Truck Trading buys all types of moving floor trailers, including those that have been used to shift aggregate, biomass, dirt, gravel, lumber, waste, agricultural items and asphalt. Many farms across the UK own these trailers, so whether you’re operating in the farming sector and want to cash in on your redundant stock, we will put in an offer for your walking floor trailer today. With quotations provide in just 24 hours, and same-day payments available, we provide a swift, seamless and straightforward sales process. We can also provide proof of export if you require.

Why sell your Moving Floor Trailer to us?

  • Fast and fair quote
  • Same-day payment is possible

  • Experienced sales advisers
  • Accurate costs
  • Smooth sale process

  • Experienced sales advisors — not databases!

  • Decades of experience buying trucks and trailers
  • We can provide proof of export if needed
  • No hidden or unexpected fees
  • Don’t waste time and money on advert creation

Top advantages of Walking Floor Semi-Trailers

Quality and convenience

With a walking floor configuration, you can quickly and efficiently unload materials at the press of a button, thanks to the hydraulics and separate motors. You can then set the floor to shift steadily, allowing you to see the complete process clearly, without having to enter the trailer. These are many different manufacturers specialising in walking floor trailers. Still, the price we’re able to offer for yours will depend on the design, age, mileage, condition and the extra equipment and components.

Transport natural and synthetic materials with ease

The walking floor trailers we buy are essential for moving natural and synthetic material, with some of the clear advantages being:

• Less stress
• lower manpower requirements
• Extra convenience
• Improved safety
• Faster operations

A favourite among farmers and agricultural firms

The fact that many farmers and agricultural companies depend on these efficient, high-performance trailers shows their worth. They make it very easy to transport and unload bulk materials without the overheads and stress points that would traditional l accompany this task. A walking floor trailer, therefore provides a smoother and safer way of loading, transporting and offloading hefty loads —and we’re always looking to buy used trailers!

These trailers warrant a great price

Due to the many practical advantages that we’ve touched on above, these trailers are some of the most sought after — not just in the UK, but across the globe! We’ve been buying and exporting used walking floor trailers for many years, and whether your particular model is one year old, five years old or 20 years old, we can ensure you get the best possible price alongside a quick collection.

Sell your truck today: It’s as easy as one, two, three!

See some of the Moving Floor Semi-Trailers we’ve recently purchased…

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