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Refrigerated semi-trailers, also known as ‘fridge’ and ‘temperature controlled’ trailers are widely used for the transportation of food items and other chilled goods. They are vital for the countless supermarkets, food-processors and grocery stores across the UK. It’s said that refrigerated trucks can result in higher profits because they tend to travel long distances, whilst freight is protected from weather conditions, theft, spoilage, and damage.

Wherever there is a need for the freshness and quality of the goods to be retained, temperature-controlled semi-trailers can help ensure the safe handling of such freight, whilst giving lorry drivers the manoeuvrability they need to transport chilled and frozen goods quickly, efficiently and safely. If you have a used fridge trailer that you’d like to sell now or in the near future, our dedicated sales team are always on hand to help, and ready to provide you with a quick quote.

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Many food processors, manufacturers, supermarkets and grocery stores depend on refrigerated trailers because they are ideally suited for transporting vast quantities of chilled food and drinks, namely meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and dairy products, as they have a limited shelf life after harvest or production.

The primary benefit associated with these trailers is that it enables businesses to have full control over the temperature inside. For example, if a company is sending frozen dinners to a supermarket, they must make sure that they remain frozen, at the optimum temperature so that harmful bacteria can’t develop, no matter how long the journey is. If a farmer has fruit that they are harvesting, and will eventually send to market, this must be kept at an accurate chilled temperature, no matter how humid, wet or freezing the weather may be. Some refrigerated trucks are also used to transport pharmaceuticals, so they’re incredibly versatile.

Many modern, refrigerated trailers are incredibly easy to load, especially if tail-lifts are included. Space is guaranteed too, and whether the trailer has a hybrid, electric or classic thermal unit, it’s possible to utilise these trailers when additional storage is required — so they don’t only contribute to businesses when they’re on the road!

Much like curtainsiders, refrigerated trailers are just as impressive when it comes to image-building and marketing. There is ample space to create captivating livery that reflects your brand in the best possible light and conveys key messages to potential customers. At Truck Trading, we buy all types of temperature-controlled trailers —no matter the age, size, space, features or condition. With a highly trained sales team, with a deep knowledge of these vehicles, we can provide quick quotes and same-day payments with collections organised around your needs.

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