If you are considering selling your lorry through an auction house, it is essential to factor in the potential high entry fees and commission fees. This can cost you a lot of money, especially if your truck doesn’t sell for as much as you were hoping. You can also be left waiting weeks or months just to get your truck into an auction. We know the pressure that hauliers, small businesses, logistics firms and large enterprises face when selling their used trucks, but finding the right avenue is crucial to getting an accurate price that allows you to invest in a newer model and scale.

Here at Truck Trading, you’re in safe hands. We are dedicated to helping you overcome the time-consuming and monotonous process of selling your used truck. We can provide a rapid FREE no-obligation quotation, whilst we’re committed to providing the best possible price for export. We’ve streamlined our service so you can sell your lorry without needing dozens of time-consuming forms. With same-day payment, no MOT required and collection throughout the whole of the UK, we’ve made it easy and safe to sell your vehicle.