In the realm of international trade, the export market has generally moved at a rapid pace over the last decade. It’s clear numerous catastrophic events, such as the pandemic, political unrest, the war in Ukraine and the cost of living crisis have had an effect on the global economy, however, there is renewed demand in the haulage industry.

In almost every part of the world, new and used lorries remain a reliable and essential form of transportation for goods ranging from industrial equipment to food products — and this makes them highly sought-after in export markets. The prevailing economic shifts across Europe and Africa have seen many businesses opt for imported trucks as part of their regular trade operations, and here at Truck Trading, we’re going to run through some of the top trucks for export.

Euro 5: A Flicker of Optimism

The heartbeat of the export market still pulses in rhythm with Euro 5 vehicles. With several nations lagging in Euro 6 adoption, Euro 5 trucks remain a prized possession. However, the challenge lies in sourcing quality Euro 5 lorries, especially specialist rigid trucks like Hiabs, brick crane lorries, beavertail lorries, and curtainside trucks that boast the Euro 5 badge. This is why many businesses are optimising to cash in on their Euro 5 trucks right now, because there’s plenty of room in the market for them, and a fantastic opportunity to gain an excellent rate for used assets.

The Rising Stars: Some of the Best Trucks For Export Right Now

Within this landscape, certain brands command prominence and preference. Mercedes, Scania, and Volvo reign supreme as the stalwarts of choice. Their reputation for superior craftsmanship and reliability makes them a preferred option for both exporters and buyers abroad.
In recent weeks, the Truck Trading sales team have been busy buying and exporting many Renault and Volvo tractor units, as well as tipper grab lorries, bulk tipping trailers and tanker trailers. In terms of new stock, Mercedes Actros Tractor Units (2016 and newer) are also warranting excellent prices. If you’re considering selling your used truck or want to have a quick glimpse into the market value of your assets, the best starting point is to contact us! As a leading truck trader in the UK, we buy any truck, and we’re always on hand to answer your questions, provide fast valuations and guide you through the process of selling your rigid lorry, tractor unit or trailer.

With demand growing, you may want to sell your…

    • Hiab Lorries: Renowned for their versatile crane capabilities, Hiab lorries find a thriving market due to their versatility.
    • Crane Lorries: Essential for heavy lifting, these lorries are indispensable for various construction and industrial projects, driving their popularity in the export realm.
    • Tipper Grab Lorries: Engineered to handle and transport heavy loads efficiently, these lorries align with the needs of growing infrastructure demands.
    • Bulk Tippers: Vital for bulk material transportation, these lorries facilitate the seamless movement of aggregates, minerals, and commodities.
    • Tanker Lorries: Diverse variants, such as food-grade, Chemical ADR, and fuel tankers, address the distinct needs of different industries, ensuring a steady demand.
    • Cement Mixer Lorries: Indispensable for construction projects, cement mixers drive the infrastructure development engine.
    • Curtainsiders: Adaptable and versatile, curtainside lorries cater to various cargo types, making them a sought-after choice.

Market Insights: Navigating the Terrain

As we touched on above, the Euro 5 standard continues to wield influence, particularly in countries a few steps behind in regulatory transitions. Brands like Mercedes, Renault, Scania and Volvo resonate profoundly in the hearts of exporters and overseas buyers. As an experienced used truck dealer, we know that if there’s a market that’s constantly evolving – it’s ours! We hope this article has given you some assistance in navigating the shifting tides of the international truck market. If you’d like to learn more about some of the points we touched on in this article or wish to speak to us about your used assets, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re always happy to help!

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