There are many factors to consider when selling your trailer or truck. The most important part of the process is finding a reputable site that will give you the best return on your investment. Unfortunately, it’s not easy at the best of times. 

Choosing the right platform for selling your truck will depend on your individual needs, so it is essential to consider your budget, location and the type of truck that you are selling.

Auctions: Act with care and caution

Some options for selling trucks online include auction sites like eBay or Marketplace. Still, it is crucial to be aware of the high fees and potential tyre kickers associated with these platforms. Additionally, auctions require a lot of time and effort to prepare and manage, which may not be worth it.

Another disadvantage of auction houses is that you will likely have to deal with buyers who are located far away from you. This can be tricky to coordinate, especially if you do not have a way to transport the truck to the buyer. Additionally, long-distance buyers may not be as trustworthy as local buyers, so you must be careful when dealing with them.

If you are not experienced in selling trucks or do not have the time to deal with the hassle of auction sites and long-distance buyers, then Truck Trading may be the perfect option.

We buy any truck – and we mean any

Truck Trading is a family run business with over 20 years of experience. We buy and sell used trucks and semi-trailers across the UK, and in essence, we buy any truck, no matter the make, type or year. We can provide a rapid FREE no-obligation quote for your truck, tractor unit or semi-trailer wherever you’re located. With fast payment, no MOT needed, and collection available throughout the UK, we’ve simplified our full service so you can sell your truck, rigid truck, tanker or another semi-trailer without the need for countless time-consuming forms.

We understand the challenges of selling used lorries, trailers and tankers. It’s essential to keep our processes as straightforward as possible, and that’s been at the very core of our service for over the last 20+ years. We also recognise we wouldn’t be in a position to buy thousands of used trucks without our hard-working, punctual and practical team.

Get a rapid FREE, no-obligation quote.

Whether you’re eager to sell your used flatbed lorry, a high mileage rigid truck or a livestock truck, we buy any truck! When you sell to Truck Trading, you never need to worry about your trucks or trailers returning to the UK market. You will also protect your future contracts and know you’re getting the best price. Why waste valuable days at an auction waiting for the right price and paying super-high fees when you can get the best deal in a matter of minutes? Our team of valuation specialists can quickly give you the accurate value of your vehicle. 

Please fill out our quick and easy form, and be sure to upload at least a couple of high res images. If you need any assistance along the way, please do not hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call.