Whether you’re a truck owner or the manager of a haulage, transportation or logistics business, knowing the true worth of your commercial truck is tricky. We all have an idea of what each lorry or tractor unit is worth, however, getting an accurate, up-to-date lorry valuation can be easy — if you know where to look.

At Truck Trading, we provide free, fast and fair truck valuations. With a quick quote for you to consider, you can sell your truck to us instantly. We provide same-day payment before arranging a collection at a time that works for you. We recognise that many haulage firms wish to avoid the expenses of public auctions and online marketplace websites like eBay. On the rare occasion, you may sell your vehicle quickly at a great rate, however, most auctions and marketplace websites attract tyre kickers, wasting valuable time and money.

Auctions: Act with caution

One of the first places many firms will look for a quote is eBay or Truck Trader UK. They will find a similar commercial truck or lorry to their own, which makes sense, however, there will likely be plenty of classified adverts from dealerships, and that’s not necessarily going to represent the actual value of your particular vehicle. In short, you’re unlikely to get anywhere near the advertised price if you’re selling privately. The risk involved for potential buyers is also much less because purchasing a commercial vehicle from a dealer means their warranty remains valid even if purchased privately; otherwise, there’s little difference in terms of offers received.

Whether selling privately or dealing with a dealership, you should always get your vehicle independently assessed by professionals before taking any action. They will offer an objective view of the commercial truck’s value and disclose whether any immediate repairs are necessary or worth consideration. This becomes more important if you plan to sell via eBay because this type of auction site also attracts novice buyers who may not know what to look for when buying a commercial truck. The price you get ultimately depends on factors like mileage, wear and tear (including previous damage), levels of maintenance carried out. If you decide to use eBay as an advertisement medium, bear in mind that there is a lot of competition around.

Talk to industry peers

Ask around; check with friends or business associates in the haulage industry and see what they would be willing to pay, or ask them for their view. This isn’t necessarily going to give you an accurate quote, but it’s a good starting point, especially if you have plenty of people you can talk to who know a lot about trucks!

Information feeds accuracy

There are plenty of valuation specialists online, however, it’s essential to understand that the most accurate valuation will not come from a database. By entering your registration on a website, you’re not necessarily receiving the information you need. Here at Truck Trading, we valuate trucks every day. We don’t just look at the specifications; we look at the photographs you upload and the condition of your vehicle. The more information you provide, the easier it is to gain a valuation that you can count on! Better yet, when we give you a quote, you can cash in straight away. With same-day payments, we buy any truck, no matter its age, make or mileage. You can learn more about us and how we can help you by exploring our website or by calling us on 0161 432 1477 or 07540694069.