Selling a truck can be a daunting task, especially if you need to sell it quickly yet get maximum value. That said, there are a few tips that are well worth keeping in mind:

Keep it clean and tidy

This sounds simple, but you’ll be surprised to know just how many sellers put their rigid trucks, tractor units and semi-trailers on the market without giving it a good clean. It’s not just a case of choosing photographs that show your vehicle in its best light, but you should ensure the vehicle is immaculately presented wherever you choose to sell it, whether that’s online, at an auction house or at the Truck Trading valuation centre!

Become a master of maintenance

We can probably all be guilty of ‘taking our foot off the gas’ when it comes to maintenance, especially during busy spells, however, you have to make sure your truck can perform efficiently all year round and remain reliable – and that’s impossible without regular maintenance. We recommend that you keep a log of any works carried out, as well as any invoices for spare parts, or repairs, as these will all add value to your vehicle and interest more prospective buyers. Having a list is also incredibly useful for your own maintenance processes because you can gain an insight into the jobs that are likely to be needed soon, or have not been ‘ticked off’ for some time, improving your vehicle’s overall condition.

Be honest and accurate

At Truck Trading, we’re regularly providing valuations for truck owners and hauliers, but it’s only possible to offer a fast, accurate quote when the information received is correct. Even as a private seller, you cannot legally claim that your truck is in good working order when it is not – no matter where you sell your vehicle. So if a prospective buyer asks you about the condition of the vehicle, you must be accurate.